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"Your not supposed to do that". This category has books and videos about double reed playing, reed making, knife sharpening, and instrument repair. Reeds 'n Stuff. Free shipping. $15.00. Oboe - Oboe Staples. by the knife sharpening task that we are stuck doing? Before Consequently , oboists generally need to sharpen their knives more frequently . Oboe Shaper Tip RDG 2 Shape Tip . A good example You’ll need a sharpening st… Learn how to do it. A dull edge makes the scrape rough rather than smooth, and a really dull edge can actually crush the fibers of the cane. I think it would be great if they might be interested in allowing me to display a digital copy on this site. This knife sharpens more quickly and easily than the other Landwell knives but the downside is that it also dulls more quickly and needs sharpening more often, however it is easier to sharpen. Try to find one that does not need oil, which can be messy (some only need water or nothing at all). My teachers always used to tell me that there are two "secrets" to reed making. Making Oboe Reeds Home Double Hollow Ground Knife Sharpening . It now only includes essential sharpening options. Duration. I purchased 4 reed knives, 2 bevelled & 2 hollow ground, to experiment with. Cart $0.00 (0) My Account. All. Each Landwell knife usually costs around $100, so they may be on the expensive side for a student or someone just getting into reed making/adjusting. $25.00 $21.50. But its contents are still fully valid. You’ll need a sharpening stone to create a new edge throughout your reed making process. Reeds. Make Offer - Oboe Shaper Tip RDG 2 Shape Tip . Diamond Stone Reed Knife Sharpening Pack (Pro-Pack I) Diamond Stone Reed Knife Sharpening Pack (Pro-Pack I) Includes Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener (WEPS), Aluminum Base, 100/200, 400/600, and 800/1000 grit diamond stone paddle sets, and 5/3.5 micron diamond and leather strops paddle set. The 4" x 1" fine (1000) grit Arkansas stone is for the final polishing of the cutting edge. The Well, Cart $0.00 (0) My Account. These knives are excellent for finishing the tip or making fine adjustments. Let me try and explain in Full Product Catalog Knives & Sharpening Reed Cases Oboe Reed-Making Oboe Accessories Bassoon Reed-Making Bassoon Accessories "Magic" Bell by DC Brothers "Scratch & Dent" Clearance. Knife sharpening 2. Duration. Knife Sharpening. Well, I can honestly say, they were right. Language. I go through around a knife per year. Bassoon and oboe reeds are finished when the reeds play in tune or can make a sufficient "crow"-like noise. Before we get into how to sharpen oboe reed knives, let's look at some of the type of sharpening stones you will need. Knife Sharpening Equipment . Sharpening the Reeds’n Stuff profiling machine blade This is a service reserved exclusively for those of our clients who have purchased machines or blades from Le Roseau Chantant. Every reed maker learns the particular angle of sharpening that makes the knife begin to bite at the “right” spot in the scraping motion for optimal control. As google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; $150.00 +$11.75 shipping. 2:00. Harder knives take longer to put an edge on, but the burr lasts longer. English. If I had a sharp knife, I know I could make a reed !!! One article described using a burr on the knife edge to scrape the reed. google_ad_client = "pub-6959671214486917"; Menu Expand menu. Just like your reed knife, the blade on your Westwind Gouger can be sharpened when you see the first signs of dullness. Knife Search. Add to Cart. English Horn. google_color_border = "cccccc"; Processed Cane. A dull knife forces you to put too much pressure on the reed … Knife Sharpening is probably the most important and least understood aspects of oboe reed making. A Guide to Oboe Reed Making. Do not grind your blade, grinding can over heat and damage the temper of the steel of your knife. Use honing oil with your whetstone; this will help keep your stonefree of shavings that … Covey Oboes: oboe and english horn accessories, reed-making tools, knives, sharpening stones, crock sticks and eraser blocks. double Sharpening Stones; EZE Lap Diamond: 8" x 3" x 1/4" Superfine, with leather pouch: $46.50: EZE Lap Diamond: 8" x 3" x 1/4" Fine, with leather pouch: $46.50: EZE Lap Diamond: 6" x 2" x 1/4" Superfine, with … Most the tips offer a water-stone, or an oil-stone, but what I have is honing paste and a leather strop. Comes in Cedarbox. Add to ... Student Reed Knife - HB Oboe Reeds . Skip to main content. The Landwell Knife Sharpening book recommends an additional step in the sharpening process for this knife. how do we sharpen these things? Most the tips offer a water-stone, or an oil-stone, but what I have is honing paste and a leather strop. $15.00. Are you considering making your own oboe reeds? Home Expand menu. hollow ground, and the bevel That should give credibility to some of the reed knife prices. In Double Hollow Ground Knife (medium steel) by Landwell $ 124.95 Select options “GEN2” Double Reed Geek Scraping Tool $ 119.95 Add to … you can see, getting the burr is orrect is the secret. $65.00. An option … Full Product Catalog Knives & Sharpening Reed Cases Oboe Reed-Making Oboe Accessories Bassoon Reed-Making Bassoon Accessories "Magic" Bell by DC Brothers "Scratch & Dent" Clearance. Out of stock. Bassoon Sharpening Products We have a large variety of stones and tools for sharpening your reed knives! The oboe reed knife requires more sharpening than knives used for clarinet, sax or bassoon reeds. This sharpening kit includes two sharpening stones and a bottle of the finest honing solution. About Us Who We Are Contact Us Our Distributors. you've come to the right place. If your knife isn't sharp general there are two types of knives. ground knives. Cane selection 6. Reed Knives; Reed Making Tools. For sharpening one knife used in reed making, one could buy a lot of high tech sandpaper and a glass or granite surface for less than the price of regular sharpening stones. Le Roseau Chantant 261, Shore Rd Beaconsfield, QC. Oboe Reed Making Supplies- Knife, sharpening stone, mandrels. Reed Knife Supplies. This is not to say that I allow my knife to be dull. $50.00. Never tolerate a dull knife again. The grey carborundum stone. Bass Oboe Reed; Blanks; Customize Your Product; Oboe D'Amore Reed; Professional; Reed Drying Racks; Student; Student Reed- not quite finished; Practice & Performing Accessories. Lessons. I'm learning how to make oboe reeds from a book, and bought a kit (large reed making kit from Edmund Neilson Woodwinds) that came with everything but knife sharpening supplies. $95.00.

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