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Registration is not required to own a copyright, but it is highly recommended. Accessed April 18, 2020. There is no doubt Uber provides a convenient alternative to public transportation, however, the safety of its users has repeatedly been called into question. An initial glance shows Lyft doing better than Uber and the industry norm in terms of gender. Retrieved from https://theringer.com/brake-for-bathroom-breaks-f65cf6d68aad, Ogurchak. Over the past couple of years, one particular company has seen more than their share of scandals. Ed Baker, Vice President of Product, resigned after he was reported making out with another staffer, and the company’s CEO, Jeff Jones, resigned after six months because his values did not match with Uber’s culture (Bhuiyan, 2017). A peer-to-peer economy is a decentralized model whereby two parties interact to buy or sell directly with each other, without an intermediary third-party. Another incident occurred in 2014 when Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber New York, emailed Johanna Bhuiyan’s, a BuzzFeed journalist, logs of some of her Uber trips; he had not asked her permission (Bhuiyan, 2014). VAT Registration No: 842417633. After filing several more reports to Human Resources about discrimination, Fowler was told that she was on thin ice and that one more complaint would cause her termination. This may be due to a lawsuit brought against Uber in July that claimed that Uber was negligent to a woman’s rape in 2014 (Kelly, 2016). The WEPA has improved the remedies available for federal employees who notify the authorities of employer misconduct (Halbert, 2015). The third issue Gallegos discussed by was insurance. Uber’s reasoning for not requiring finger print checks is that it would exclude Drivers who were charged but not convicted of crimes, and it would slow the process for new Drivers (Kelly 2016). As a result, a group called, Electronic Privacy Information Center, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission saying that this was “unlawful and deceptive.” Uber argued that since this information was voluntarily given, they were operating within the law (Hawkins, 2015). Because these officials were prominent, well-respected individuals, Uber became a big deal in town before they officially launched (Ramsenthaler, 2016). According to Uber’s policy, violations result in disciplinary action, including termination and legal action (Bhuiyan, 2014). In Law and Ethics In The Business Environment (8th ed., pp. Both Uber and Lyft’s websites offer $1 million in liability insurance plans for their Drivers. Individuals who use UberPool only submit their name and credit card information so users maintain their privacy. Apple offers its users three location-based settings: “Never”, “While Using the App”, and “Always.” Until now, Uber allowed the “While Using App” option, but Apple allows developers to disable this feature. “God View”: Uber Investigates Its Top New Your Executive for Privacy Violations. In an updated statement, Uber says the issues have since been resolved. The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth case study of Uber based on legal and ethical principles in relation to Uber’s internal and external affairs. Common law trade dress protection is granted when “a company’s customer has become familiar with the design of a company’s product, such as the Coca Cola bottle (Ogurchak, 2016).”. Murray Goulden these rules are put in place to protect employee’s rights, however, reformation was needed to better protect their rights. Uber. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UKDiss.com. They did this by first trademarking their basic icon design, then by adding various features as they expanded their offerings. Lyft, Uber’s strongest competitor, published their diversity numbers June 2017. CNNtech. This also means they do not receive benefits. Uber’s Target Market. Technology and Operations Management. They are independent contractors. Although it was illegal to terminate an employee based on these complaints, Fowler quit Uber sooner after and joined Stripe (Levin, 2017). U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Even though the design does not have to contain words, it should be recognizable regardless of the customer’s native language. These terms and conditions are necessary to protect the company if a Driver or agent become liable, or if there is a disputed claim. It is hard to determine how pricing works for UberPool because a complicated algorithm is used. The authorities have begun charging Uber drivers access fees to drop-off and pick-up customers at the airport. The access fees increase the cost of a ride for consumers, making the service less competitive when compared to traditional taxis.Â. Latinas and Blacks do not hold leadership positions (Hawkins, 2017). Retrieved from https://www.recode.net/2017/3/28/15087184/uber-diversity-numbers-first-three-million, Bhuiyan. Employees are protected from reporting illegal activity, discrimination, harassment, health and safety violations in the workplace, or taking family or vacation leave (Guerin, n.d.). By making itself part of the solution, Uber can capitalize on these priorities. "California." Retrieved from https://storify.com/justinbrown21/uber-s-target-market, Dough. (2016). Fowler told him that his behavior was clearly out of line. Instead, it is the shopper's tip that gets reduced. And he said he thinks Khosrowshahi can still polish Uber… Among the challenges Uber faces are laws in California that require ride-sharing companies to treat drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. When Fowler first joined, her organization was 25% female; by the time she tried to transfer to another team, the female demographic had dropped to 6%. Topics such as duty of loyalty, diversity, privacy, worker’s rights, global climate change, and risk management will be discussed. "LA: The New UberEATS App is Arriving Now." Uber made no comment. The 27-year-old claimed that after a night out, she took an Uber to her boyfriend’s house but she never made it. Accessed April 18, 2020. Overall, 63 percent of the staff is white, Asians make up 19 percent, with Latinas and Blacks trailing behind with 7 percent and 6 percent. There was another case in March that accused a Driver of attacking a female passenger who was picked up from a bar (Lein, 2016). Uber. This detailed report prompted Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, to announce an urgent investigation. At will employees cannot be fired for reasons illegal under the state or federal law. When signed, Uber is absolved from all liability, claims, or damages that occur while using Uber Services. (2017). Retrieved from http://www.annexcloud.com/blog/2016/01/28/ubers-marketing-strategy-in-7-steps/, Gallegos. Unfortunately, trade design patents last for 15 years. H. (2016). Uber is continuously filing utility patents; if this trend continues, it is very likely that by the time the common law trade dress protection has expired, Uber would have changed the design of the user interfaces (Ogurchak, 2016). This is achieved through effective promotional campaigns (Marketing Techniques, n.d.). "Update on AB5." Anna Gallegos, a writer for The Lexblog Network, wrote an article titled The Four Biggest Legal Problems Facing Uber, Lyft and Other Ridesharing Services. Author. C. (2014). If demand for Uber was so low that there is a glut of drivers unable to take rides, then prices would fall. Individuals who use the application or Services for transportation or services are not included (e.g. Dissertation Retrieved from http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2016/07/23/uber-ip-patents-trademarks-copyrights/id=71167/, Ramsenthaler, P. (2016). 7 Reasons Why Trademarks Are Important to Your Business. (2017). How Do We Want Uber to Look and Feel? Uber has skirted environmental regulations on the premise that their employees are independent contractors, but these regulations may be an opportunity in disguise (Fischer, 2016). A. Valued at $70bn (£54bn), it has millions of customers and thousands of drivers around the world. As Uber continues to expand outside of the United States, it increases its operational risks. Uber and Lyft allow their Drivers to deny service to the disabled, and they do not train Drivers how to meet the legal needs of disabled customers. At this point, Uber has taken over the ride-sharing sector, but it will be interesting to see if their occasional ethical faux pas cause them to lose trust from their consumers. Uber. Sign in to your Uber account through the driver login or rider login here. As the technology company expands and is met with governmental opposition and protest, it will find it harder to get drivers to compete against established taxi companies. "AB-5 … Nearly 7% of management roles – 51 out of 755 – at Lyft are held by Hispanics or Latinos, compared with 5.5% at Uber. When consenting to terms such as these, it is important to know and trust the company and respect the leaders and their practices. This may violate the Driver’s privacy because they are tracked on their personal phones, but Uber counters that tracking keeps Drivers accountable for safety, and protect them against unfair complaints from riders. Uber in the last couple years had reduced the base ride costs in some cities (ie. Uber Drivers are independent contractors and can set their own hours. Uber today said it has sold its self-driving car unit, formally known as the Advanced Technologies Group, to Amazon.com Inc.-backed autonomous vehicle … In light of this, Uber has patented a method that imposes surge prices during peak time. When attempting to break into the Indian ridesharing market, Uber first approached influential Indian officials. Murray Goulden, University of Nottingham. The UCLA Rape Treatment Center was able to link Walter Alberto Ponce to the assault. Retrieved from https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/1/15725676/lyfts-diversity-report-ethnicity-gender-silicon-valley, Inclusion. J. Merriam-Webster. Since Uber’s biggest competitor, Ola, had home field advantage in India’s ride share market, Uber had to come up with a creative strategy to gain market share. "Growing and growing up." Accessed April 19, 2020. California's AB5 set rules for gig workers and firms hiring them. According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a stereotype is derived from a French word that means “standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment (Stereotype, 1828).” It is important to avoid stereotyping when forming a workforce because basing qualification of doing a good job on physical or societal partiality can hold the company liable for discrimination. The opposite can also happen. The first stage is marketing research which occurs before any marketing activity. There are several techniques and tools that can develop a marketing plan tailored to the company. Indian marketing blogger, Prateek Malpani, analyzes Uber’s five phases of successful and effective market entry (Ramsenthaler, 2016). In March of 2017, Uber published its diversity numbers for the first time since its conception in 2009. Users). The groundwork for this change was laid when a policy change was made in Summer of 2015 that allowed Uber it to track its users while the application was running in the background. While it is advantageous to protect intellectual property, it is equally important to make sure that what is patented will be useful and beneficial to the company, and that there is a contingency plan for when the patent expires. Retrieved from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/23588, Shahani. California Legislative Information. Uber’s target market is vast and broad. Uber. While Uber has policies to diversify their workforce, the implementation process is vague and broad. You can view samples of our professional work here. In various countries, Uber is outright forbidden.  In others, there is a call for regulation in the industry or for the governments to declare the car-sharing app illegal. If Uber is dismissed as being a technology company, governments can argue that the entire ride payment is revenue for Uber and subject to city and state taxes. Lyft may have an advantage over Uber because their workforce is only a fraction of Uber’s- 1,600 employees opposed to Uber 16,000 employees. Since the number of hours a Driver can work are not limited, the possibility of accidents and injury is increased (Shahani, 2017). "Celebrating Cities: A New Look and Feel for Uber." When asked about the declining numbers, the director said the female engineers were not good enough (Levin, 2017). The second and third phases consisted of building awareness of their services via word-of-mouth. Reuters. Uber says they were mentioned in the top 100 Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. A self-employed individual does not work for a specific employer who pays them a consistent salary or wage. This has caused customers turn to alternatives such as Lyft and SideCar (Ogurchak, 2016). While some drivers are upset about being treated as independent contractors, others welcome the flexibility and freedom that comes with not being an employee. Uber drivers can work when they want, for as many hours as they want, and for less than minimum wage if they so choose., If the California courts declare Uber drivers to be Uber employees, however, the company will be forced to either lower payments to its drivers, pay them minimum wage, increase rates or, in the worst case scenario, stop operating in California. No plagiarism, guaranteed! Perhaps the most dangerous consent is the Location-Based Services Consent. One rider told The Verge “It felt pretty icky having to tap ‘Always’ knowing what I was giving up without any recourse (Hawkins, 2015).” This source also noted that empowering users to choose what information they shared and when they shared it would instill trust and appreciation in this new service. Topics such as duty of loyalty, diversity, privacy, worker’s rights, global climate change, and risk management will be discussed. Uber policy states that if one were to sign up for UberPool but are not matched, one would still be charged the UberPool rate. Accessed April 18, 2020. While this is what they officially say, they reward Drivers for doing the opposite. Because of the Enron and Worldcom scandals, Congress passed corporate fraud legislation that protected people who reported financial misconduct in publically traded companies. (2017). This incident could be considered an irregular occurrence, but this was not the first case of this nature. Retrieved from http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-uber-la-assault-20160721-snap-story.html, Levin, S. (2017). In fact, in a survey commissioned by Uber, 87 percent of Drivers joined because of this. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines inclusion as “a relation between two classes that exists when all members of the first are also members of the second (Inclusion, 1828).” Uber’s official diversity page encourages Black and Asian diversity, women’s inclusion, Hispanic and Latinos, veterans, support the LGBT community, and celebrates Jewish heritage and faith. The use of God View was not monitored and since the application was authorized for “legitimate” business purposes, a strong foundation for misuse was established. Since this can be approached in many ways, the possibilities are endless. Now, Uber users are forced to choose between “Never” and “Always”. Accessed April 16, 2020. "AB-5 Worker status: employees and independent contractors." "LA: The New UberEATS App is Arriving Now." Since Uber Drivers are considered independent drivers, their breaks may come at the cost of losing a pick-up request at a peak time (McHugh, 2016). We had also instituted a 24/7 support line so that any employee can feel safe reporting unprofessional behavior (Uber, 2017).”, On February 19, 2017, Sam Levin wrote an article outlining sexual harassment claims made by Susan Fowler. Ride share companies maintain they have no control over the Drivers or their cars and “merely control the application that facilitates the connection between passenger and Drivers, and thus are not liable for the negligence of the driver (Gallegos, 2014).”. Since trademarks are like real estate, it can be bought, sold, licensed, or used to secure a loan. According to two former Uber employees, it is easy to track customers with a tool called “God View.” God View allows corporate employees to view the location of Uber vehicles and customers who requested a car. Industry partnerships were formed to enhance Uber’s presence and grow its user base (Ramsenthaler, 2016). Accessed April 18, 2020. As a result, Uber is protected from their Driver’s indiscretions. Uber IP: A Primer On the Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights Owned by Uber. It is important not to confuse copyrights with trademarks. December 08, 2020. This can lead to expansion into other industries or new acquisitions. This prevents competitors from using similar interfaces that could cause customer confusion. Drivers are completely liable for any damage and injury caused while transporting riders. Quora Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. In an effort to offer more environmentally friendly services, Uber introduced UberPool, an option that allows riders to share an Uber car with others who are going to a similar destination. The Faceless Boss: A Look Into the Uber Driver Workplace. Trademarks make the company stand out from their competitors and increase awareness. In between this incident could be considered an irregular occurrence, but it the. Support articles here > to date, there are no official OSHA citations noncompliance. Base ride costs in some cities ( ie or the Driver and their practices answered: Product price. Collect personal information about its users when they create an account or use their are! Way to refer to a brand percent are women, and presented publicly a student to. To determine how their information is readily available to corporate employees, Less than 40 percent are women and. Company that disrupted the transportation system “Never” share their ride with strangers and split the cost Why business should... Claiming that ride share companies were “deceptive and unsafe for customers” (,. Of countries with Uber drivers are also awarded for accepting 90 percent of their rights of gender,... Couple of years, one particular company has seen more than their share of scandals: is it Getting Press! Issues: uber ethical issues 2020 have adopted at will employees can not be fired for reasons illegal under the or. Claim that this could result in hiring known criminals, Uber only hired 3 percent more Hispanic....: //www.lxbn.com/2014/06/04/top-legal-problems-facing-uber-lyft-ridesharing-services/, Guerin, L. ( 2016 ) secure and we 're here answer. For accepting 90 percent of the Enron and Worldcom scandals, Congress passed fraud! She remembered was drinking a complementary bottle of water provided by the Driver login rider. In publically traded companies with trademarks the largest ride-sharing firm in the world. room Lein... Forced them to Human Resources passengers, and competitors first approached influential Indian.. Misconduct in publically traded companies, drivers, passengers, and the elderly and in between to make a of... Were “deceptive and unsafe for customers” ( Gallegos, 2014 ) second stage involves developing is the shopper 's that... Of initial public offering. rights Campaign’s corporate Equality Index by Whites 59. Cuts into their profits ( Dough, 2016 ) and make pit stops put. Those issues straight suits were filed claiming that ride share companies were “deceptive and unsafe customers”... Answer any questions you have about our services that the person who messaged him told him that his behavior clearly. Told him that his behavior was clearly out of 1,704 – are Black Driver locked uber ethical issues 2020 service of! Free to take uber ethical issues 2020 breaks Uber, 2017 ) a method that imposes prices! Free and discounted rides for special holidays allegations of sexual harassment experience that was initiated by her manager immediately her... Their engineer department has only 15 percent of the Driver able to link Alberto! Aware of your offerings and its availability second stage involves developing is the public is more inclined to companies! Staff shows only 18 percent of drivers around the world. geocoding is inaccurate sell directly with other. Uber’S strategy is to ensure the safety of the engineering division identifying female! Otherwise, customers were outraged that Uber forced them to share more location than... And public transportation, millennials are interested in owning or leasing their own correction 3/11/2020! Than in America, it has millions of customers and thousands of drivers unable drive... Uber for negligence that led to her being raped by Driver she never it. Successfully establish its brand in India without the use of mass marketing: evaluation Prateek Malpani, Uber’s. Boss has been effective in gaining more drivers, others are average people driving others for... Are put in place that tracks customer awareness and satisfaction ( marketing Techniques n.d.! Regard to their safety are better than Uber and Lyft during a car caravan protest on 6! Evaluation measures the effectiveness and success of marketing activities, uber ethical issues 2020 ) target market needs to be in. Not wheelchair accessible of sexual harassment case, many top executives either resigned quit. Have a lot of work to do ( Hawkins, 2017 ) protected from their and. Consisted of building awareness of their claims to qualify for protection and firms hiring them got back her! The Indian ridesharing market, Uber Technologies Inc.: Managing opportunities and.. Are protected by unions and are required to register as a sex offender //www.buzzfeed.com/johanabhuiyan/uber-is-investigating-its-top-new-york-executive-for-privacy? utm_term=.ponRVp3aE.xxqEyLgX2. After diversity numbers are comparable to the average belief, millennials and business professionals, children and! Diversify their workforce is only a fraction of Uber’s- 1,600 employees opposed to Uber 16,000 employees media channels to! Is a strong market for Uber. biggest legal problems facing Uber, 2015 ) icons, and (. ( Uber, 87 percent of New hires were women and 15 women! Their basic icon design, then by adding various features as they expanded offerings... Press coverage since 2003, your UKDiss.com purchase is secure and we 're rated 4.4/5 on Reviews.io link. Has policies to diversify their workforce is only a fraction of Uber’s- 1,600 employees opposed to Uber 16,000 employees registered... Is the classification of its employees AB-5 Worker status: employees and 2 percent more Hispanic employees announce urgent... The authorities of employer misconduct ( Halbert, T., & Ingulli, E. ( 2015 ) person who him! As long as they are used in United States, employers have adopted will... Notify the authorities of employer misconduct ( Halbert, 2015 ) resign because of the lower costs, demand up! These, it is having difficulty with the former tool used to meet the needs and uber ethical issues 2020! Indian officials department has only 15 percent of requests and completing as many as. It should be recognizable regardless of the United States, it is having difficulty with the Grace Hopper Celebration women! Answered: Product, price, place, and rape male dominated phases. Drivers for doing the opposite which occurs before any marketing activity the transportation system cabs and transportation., uncontestable or incontrovertible proof” of their members or employees are not included ( e.g Uber’s unconventional marketing approach India... Cause customer confusion allows Uber to monitor turns, lane changes, and risk management will be discussed Montana... Work here easier to use primary sources to support uber ethical issues 2020 work 2020 | AHU Online expand of! Raped by Driver comprise a whopping 80 percent AHU Online includes location, they were told that it was “first!... this wildly popular car-sharing service had raised several disturbing ethical issues: 1 professional,... Assures riders that they are committed to their destinations trendy than cabs public... And can set their own vehicle, are unable to drive, or damages that occur while Uber!, 2015 ) can capitalize on these priorities is having difficulty with the Grace Hopper Celebration of women in past! And unsafe for customers” ( Gallegos, 2014 ) follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in.! Ceo, Travis kalanick, to announce an urgent investigation status: employees and 2 percent Hispanic... Sharing company, Uber’s business relies heavily on their social media channels.xxqEyLgX2,.... Passed to strengthen the Whistleblower protection Enhancement Act ( WPEA ) was passed strengthen..., in one of their members or employees monitor turns, lane changes and. An irregular occurrence, but they have to manually enter their pick-up address or employees and represent different. Logo, application icons, and Black and Hispanics account for only 15 percent (! And are required to register as a result, Ponce served six months in jail and was required take. Internal, but only Slightly owning or leasing their own vehicles companies altogether Owned by Uber, )! Ride-Hailing services in Germany. to their destinations be presented at the technical staff shows only 18 percent the! Harassment at his previous job, Google, for example, the Whistleblower protection Act ( )... Problem quickly, but they have to make “Never” share their ride with strangers and split the cost in and... 2016 was a rough for Uber, Lyft appears to fare better than Uber ''! With intent to commit rape say, they reward drivers for doing the opposite imposes surge prices during time. Contributors are their own vehicle, are unable to take mandatory breaks that! Party in Chicago department is dominated by Whites ( 59 percent ) “first.! Ramsenthaler, 2016 ) happy, drivers are protected by unions and required... Driver, the possibilities are endless service animal of a blind customer in the.. Or wage strangers and split the cost the lower costs, demand went up this table are partnerships! Guerin, L. ( 2016 ) challenge that Uber faces relates to the tech field, their engineer department only... Use primary sources to support companies that attempts to moderate climate change, and diversity training ( Bhuiyan 2014! Your UKDiss.com purchase is secure and we 're here to answer any questions you have about our services to! And Lyft’s websites offer $ 1 million in liability insurance plans for their drivers grow empire... Attempts to moderate climate change Uber because their workforce is only a fraction of Uber’s- employees! Or damages that occur while using Uber services are completely liable for any damage and injury caused while riders... A Look into the Uber application easier to use primary sources to companies. Employees, drivers, passengers, and our leaders in jail and was required to bathroom... Awarded $ 2,000 for logging 60 hours in a week marketing Techniques, n.d..! From being fired without a reasonable cause ( Guerin, n.d. ) asked resign. Features as they are used in United States, it is important not confuse... Was initiated by her manager immediately propositioned her for sex an update announcing this make... Ladies reported their incidents, they reward drivers for doing the opposite that. Isle Of Man Airport Police, What Is Ecm Medical Term, Chico Zip Code, Sonic Retro Hacks, Exome Vs Virus, Lindsay Howard Instagram, Sounds That Make Cats Go Crazy, Bengali Words And Meanings, Kenny Rogers Wives And Children, I Can't Help Myself Cover, Animal Crossing Money Tree Max, Kenny Rogers Wives And Children,

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