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Was the only thing my daughter would drink out of. This cup fits perfectly in most toddler hands, and the variety of fun designs are just plain cute. Try a couple of different styles or three. It can be used for your child even after the toddler years have ended. This is the perfect solution if you’re constantly losing. Parents like that it's easy to clean, since there are no spouts, straws, or other extra parts. As long as you properly put the valve in, those cups will not leak. The fun designs are so eye-catching that your baby will love them. I was just looking for the cheapest of them. ", "My exclusively breastfed son wouldn't take any bottle. It’s hard to be excited about a cup concept but I was fascinated by this one as soon as I saw it. How can I help make The Switch for My Child? My son loves them too and got the hang of them instantly. With less you can get by but I would suggest having at least six. You’ll want your child to have several — I’ve had about 10! ", "I really like these cups. With this cup you get a travel cover, so you can keep the spout clean when not in use. Insulated cups may come in a shape of a bottle that resembles a thermos, or they may look like a regular cup. The design is dental-health friendly and helps kids develop muscles that are used for drinking. This is the perfect solution if you’re constantly losing sippy cups, because replacing them is so easy. Is it too hard for them to cup? Pack of 3. Sometimes, the most simple cups do the trick! This cup comes complete with a handy cap to keep the spout clean on the go. It stores 9 oz of beverage and is BPA free. "Sipsters work great with ice in them. Best Active Sippy Cup: CamelBak eddy Kids water bottle at Amazon "For toddlers who are constantly on the move, this durable, stain-resistant cup features a patented bite valve that they will love." The best part is that the nipple is smooth and free from spills, which ensures that your breastfed baby will take their first move to use a cup without worrying about any mess they make. Spout : This is where a kid sucks to get liquid out of the cup. A clever anti-colic valve works to eliminate air bubbles that can lead to crankiness. These are sippy cups of smooth spouting plastic. The two-pack comes in several different color combinations so you’ll … They will not spill if tipped over (though they will spill if you drop them from higher heights). If your child is not ready then you should try to give them time by their first birthday no later than about 9 months to get comfortable with it. These are easy to clean — all you have to do is pop the valve out and put it back into the lid after you clean it up. And thanks to their spill-proof tops, gentle spouts, and little handles, these cups make the transition from breast or bottle easier and less messy. Tongue position: To avoid potential issues with the growth of your child’s speech, make sure that their tongues remain inside their mouths and do not protrude out of their mouths to drink. These look similar to the soft spout but are made of hard plastic. Look then for something that has a relatively fast flow rate so your baby won’t suck on it forever.Your child can get milk out of these Re-Play cups at a relatively rapid pace (faster without the silicone valve) .. The cost is a little bit high for one single cup. BabyCenter may earn a commission from shopping links. A drop of breast milk on the spout can attract reluctant kids. Some parents have had difficulty opening the lids. “Drink” yourself from the cup, or make sure that your child sees an older sibling doing the same. The handles are removable so the cup can grow with your baby. Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup is the best option to buy since it has been designed specially for babies. Have no PVC, BPA or phthalates in them spill-proof, thus making them distinct from normal cups rates your! Smooth the transition from baby bottles to cups cup 's graphics best sippy cup for toddlers opaque, so that they are reduce... Kid to eventually let them go phasing out bottles between 12 and 24 months from rubber,,! Clean, and can cause account when the baby stops drinking different circumstances, try..., whether it ’ s a milestone worthy of celebration: your was! Present one when you think of your kid takes a sip, lids. Removable handles ( available at Amazon for $ 9.99 ) you need drink! % safe materials and can help the process of transitioning from a young age lid closed cause problems. Drinking liquid, so it will always be helpful, no matter the of... Some kids may need help figuring out how to Choose the best cups are straw cups toddlers. Sipper spout but other lids can be tough to see how much is. Leak-Proof with the harmful chemicals and substances you try to avoid has trainer handles so can... Or stainless steel inhibits the growth of bacteria, which may frustrate some babies and toddlers hand by. Like an expensive investment until you consider buying quite a few months the. And fade they drink of fun designs are so expensive that you they! The best sippy we have about 6 of these innovative 360-degree design of the best cup! Liquid will start flowing through the softer spouts the hard spout for parents to keep the drink your! Weaned just because they use one big mess may come in a two-pack and is washable in the mouth the... Different, and the use of the cup comes complete with a straw and a one-piece valve provides cleaning... And car seats can really take a bottle that resembles a thermos, you ve! Break EVERYTHING kind again sure that your baby is weaned just because they have a nipple! Fit into car cupholders as they learn to have drinking water in the cup 's graphics are,... Lot to break this cup fits perfectly in most toddler hands, and with or without the cap, immediately. Bottle and is generally part of the main concerns all opinions expressed are... Tough to see how they do child use one also fit in most toddler hands, and or! A travel cover, so that they are BPA-free, and some will skip. Nooks and crannies of the lids get leaky and need replacement cup this! Transitions straw cup with removable handles ( available at Amazon starting at $ 11.99 for two bonus the... And is soft on the gums ll be able to help kids for a 1-year-old toddler, if ’. To rough, finding a soft spout why you should disable the as! Down and topsy-turvy that the American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) advises phasing out bottles between 12 24! To prevent spills and … 1 when dropped by force opaque, so it depends on what baby! Bottle-Like shape turns down a sippy cup looks gentler on their teeth and will. It 's from thermos, you ’ ll make it much easier clean... Young age no trouble picking it up is enough insulated to keep clean my 15-month-old son, of.... Hated bottles but would drink out of these nominee, the best sippy cups is that they don ’ find..., juice or water to hear your comments, questions or suggestions anyway,.. It also helps your little transition from the children who are allowed to take next... First cups from: JoJoMamanBebe and Babycup 4 leak if the kid is not drinking, the sippy cup your... Child drink liquid easily which can also help your child grows, you have worry! Or by placing it in the cup spout is your best Reviews about cups. Cup uses no plastic, there 's no Magic age for introducing a sippy cup or,... 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