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Fairs and Exhibition 5. 5. The prizes may be gold or silver jewellery, hefty sums of money, cars, two-wheeler autos, colour televisions, computers, music systems, free air tickets, stay in five star hotels, holiday in health resorts, and anything else depending on the imagination of the marketer. In case of bonus pack offer, an additional quantity of the same product is offered free when the standard pack size of the product is purchased at the regular price. Premium offers provide a point of difference, more so when the product category is fairly crowded. Coupons bear a date of expiry and cannot be redeemed after the cutoff date. Sales promotion tools used for consumer-oriented promotion are – Free Samples: Distributing free samples increases brand awareness and triggers the psychology of ownership where the person chooses the promoted product if he liked the sample. Event Sponsorship e.g., Sponsorship of sporting events. The assurance given to customers is that if the product is not liked after usage for any reason, total money will be refunded or the customer will have the option to buy any other product of choice. Sales Promotion Tools Offering Products for Free. Some of these promotions appear in audio-visual or print media. xi. The prizes seem to be much larger to contestants than the money spent by the sponsor. However, the technique proved to be extremely effective in retaining the customers and motivating them to continue using the same brand for an extended period of time. Research has shown that the tendency to use coupons rises under certain conditions: (a) When consumers perceive that there is need to control the budget, (b) Consumers are inclined to experiment with new products or services. Distribution of Free samples to customers. 7. For examples, Big Bazaar issues coupons for selected items in their weekly flyers that are distributed via mail or along with newspapers. 350 on sending one- year subscription, which the customer can use to purchase special issues of the magazine. Scratch and Win Offer 11. Sales promotion aimed at consumers is called ‘consumer sales promotion‘. (ii) Sweepstakes – Calls for consumers to submit their names for draws. When all similar products in a certain price range are perceived as basically alike, a premium offer with the purchase of the product is quite an effective method to gain shelf space or even display. We’ve grouped them into three categories (based on three types of consumer sales promotions): rebate management software, sweepstakes or giveaway tools, and more trade promotion software solutions. A. Free in mail premium means a premium item will be sent by mail to consumers who present proof of purchase to the manufacturer. For example- ‘International Trade Fair’ held in New Delhi in November every year. This type of refund policy builds store loyalty among consumers who continue the patronage. Sales Promotion Tools and Techniques – 12 Commonly Used Tools: Coupons, Free Samples, Price-Off Offer, Fairs, Exhibition, Free Gifts, Competitions and a Few Others. These measures are called the tools or techniques of sales promotion. Computer magazines often include a compact disc with each issue. Tools and programmes for consumer sales promotion. It uses many tools as used in trade promotion and consumer promotion. xvii. Advertising specialities – They are useful articles imprinted with an advertisers name given as gifts to consumers, e.g. Sometimes, samples are attached to another product. Its main focus is on conventions, trade shows and sales contests. 5. Sales Promotion Tools and Techniques - Economics Discussion. Reduction in prices stimulates sale of goods. However, both these terms are used interchangeably in the real world of marketing. Such a deal is designed to stimulate customers to try a new product, to encourage new users to try an existing product, or to encourage customers to continue product patronage, increase purchase quantity, purchase multiple units, and accelerate usage rate, etc., such deals are suitable when the brand loyalty is low, product category is considered a commodity, and price is the primary consideration by the customers. Depending on the consumers’ value perception of the premium, the consumers may even be agreeable to purchase the product at a slightly high total price for the combination of the product and the premium. For example, Maruti announced a gift cheque of Rs. Goods are sold at reduced prices during slump season. The prizes were around 8000, the top prize being rupees ten million. The promotion named “Crorepati Hungama” lasting one month (1st December to 31st December 1999). However promotion and product have received more attention. to promote the sale of an established product, to stimulate customers to switch brands; and. 2. Coupons – A certificate that gives buyers a saving when they purchase specified products. a. In-Pack, On-Pack, and Container Premiums: These various terms for premiums are primarily used to distinguish the difference in methods of rewarding the consumers. Sales Promotion Tools and Programmes: Sales promotion techniques are known as promotion tools and the mode of their application is known as sales programme. POP can be very effective if done properly i.e., using better quality POP materials instead of cheap paper signs or ill- conceived displays. 8. Dealers promotion methods are those which encourage dealers and distributors to buy and resell more and more quantity of the product. In such a case the objective would be to encourage shopping at a particular store and buy a certain manufacturer’s brand. Types of Consumer Sales Promotion tools. Sales promotion refers to the activities which supplement and co-ordinate personal selling and advertising to attract customers to buy a product. 2400. In case the movement of […] Producers/retailers may promise free service to consumers for a specified period of time after sales. For that, company provides extra commission, buy back guarantee, price offs, allowances, gifts, free goods to them. The customer has to send back the product within a specified period of time. Gillette announced a refund offer. Trade promotion can persuade the wholesaler, retailers or distributor to carry a brand, advertise or give a shelf space to the products of a particular company. POP material is often tied in with television or print messages to increase effectiveness. A coupon is a certificate that fetches buyers a saving when they purchase a specified product. Coupons are used for consumer convenience goods. 9 Types of Consumer Sales Promotion Tools, European Union | Objectives | Organizational Structure, Indian Council of Arbitration | Objectives | Activities, 8 Important Causes for Failure of Advertisement, UNCTAD | Origin | Organization | Principles | Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping, Weaknesses of Trade Union Movement in India and Suggestion to Strengthen, Audit Planning & Developing an Active Audit Plan – Considerations, Advantages, Good and evil effects of Inflation on Economy, Vouching of Cash Receipts | General Guidelines to Auditors, Audit of Clubs, Hotels & Cinemas in India | Guidelines to Auditors, Depreciation – Meaning, Characteristics, Causes, Objectives, Factors Affecting Depreciation Calculation, Inequality of Income – Causes, Evils or Consequences, Accountlearning | Contents for Management Studies |, a product that is not superior in some way to competing products, a product with a narrow margin of profit, or. Displays, Trade Fairs, Melas and Exhibitions in different parts of country. From company’s point of view, shelf space is so important that if it is provided by the wholesaler or retailer to a particular product or company the consumer will buy it. Whenever the store-traffic increases, customers visiting the store not only buy promoted product, but some of them buy other products as well. xii. A free sample stimulates consumer trial, while a free management advisory service cements a long-term relationship with a retailer. In certain case all those who furnish the proof-of-purchase are given some specified premium. Coupons are generally issued along with the product. Example—”Exchange your black and white television with a colour television.”. Samples are defined as offers to consumers of a small amount of a product for trial. 6. Firms may use a variety of sales promotion tools to help them increase short-term sales. Samples. 300,000 or more, or jewellery of the same value, then a number of prizes in the immediate value range, a large number of prizes of small value, and a larger number of consolation prizes. Adv. These can be either paid or not paid depending upon the kind of product being marketed. Considerable brand switching is possible if only one proof-of-purchase is to be sent to the marketer. This would help to load-up the consumer. Specialised correspondence (through specialised corres­pondence section) with prospects, potential customers, and established customers. Various tools of sales promotion, also known as methods of sales promotion may be divided into two parts – (i) Consumers Pro­motion Methods (ii) Dealer Promotion Methods. The major tool of sales promotion is the incentive schemes and offers, but these tools are not used in case of personal selling. Under this scheme, a customer scratches a specific marked area on the package of the product and gets the benefit according to the message written therein. It requires a substantial media budget over and above the freebies. Promotion for industrial customers – These promotions are used for such purposes as generating business leads, stimulating purchase, rewarding customers, and motivating sales people. Cash premium vouchers or coupons; 9. So basically, these are different tools with purpose of encouraging consumers, dealers as well as the company’s sales force. Picture cards; 7. Sales promotion tools vary in their specific objectives. Manufacturers often offer extra incentives to retailers to gain their co­operation. The factor of chance limited only to what one gets, no losers, all winners. They will stimulate the customer and get him or her into buying mode. The same agency says. The first part involves a contest in terms of skill, or knowledge. Sales promotion tools are something you must have in your bag of tricks if you want your business to grow and thrive. The popular tools of consumer level sales promotion include: i. Packing; 14. Price deals (price-off, price-cut, cents-off, denote the same thing), iii. Under this scheme customers are given assurance that full value of the product will be returned to them if they are not satisfied after using the product. Trade show booths can be simple with a single banner featuring your company name and logo. Tastings are consumer promotion tools used mainly in the food industry. Jumbo or multiple packs; 12. Consumers kept on buying the same brand and collected many coupons, most not winning anything because in most cases the coupons had the same or different letters, not fit to complete the desired word. Price deals are probably the most commonly used promotional techniques. Competitions or Contests. Or, there may be some flexibility in conditions, such as the consumers may have the option to send one, two, or more proofs of purchase along with a specified sum of money to obtain the premium quickly. It consists of mostly collection of those short-term incentive tools, which are designed to stimulate purchase of a particular product or service. Patronage reward – Cash or gift, for the regular use of a particular product of the company like privilege card membership given by the company to the regular user of the products. Although a few of the elements are used in common by each, for the most part the needs of the retailer differ from those of the manufacturer. Every imaginable prize or reward is used to excite and attract customers to participate. Samples are delivered at the doors of consumers. 7. Price discounts (also called cents-off deals) are communicated to the consumers through advertising, at the point-of-purchase by listing the reduced price on the package or signs near the product or window display, or by the sales people. Just buy a scooter, scratch a card and win a sure prize. Trade Association Meetings, Conferences and. A price discount can be used as a defensive as well as an offensive tool. Free Gifts to Dealers/Distribution; such gifts increase with increase in quantity of purchases. Coupons; Cent-off Deals; Premiums; Other Tools; The tools of sales promotion are applied to boost sagging sales by attracting the customers and offerings of distinct incentives of purchase. A contest requires the participants to perform some task. Free door-to-door samples – This technique however is costly. ). The main objective of sales promotion is to bring about a change in the demand pattern of products and services. d. ‘Trial-size’ Salable Samples e.g., mini bottles or cartons of a product such as shampoo, offered at nominal prices at stores, Both retailers and consumers like this kind of promotion, Retailers like because they keep the profit while to consumers, it reduces the risk of trying new products. These promotions can be developed for durable as well as non-durable goods. It is an offer to refund part of the purchase price of a product to consumers who send a proof of purchase to the manufacturer. Demonstration of products induces customers to buy. In these situations the refund offer is being used to encourage trial at no risk to the customer. Samples are one of the most important tools of sales promotion. Price discount generally do not stimulate consumers to buy a product in large quantities if the unit value is low, product is not bulky, and the holding cost is not high. W hile samplings and tast- ings, price discounts, value added promotions or sweepstakes aim at boosting short t erm s ales, 8. Senior Project Manager & Head of Experiential Activation +41 44 360 84 71 msc*at*promotion-tools*dot*ch Ralph Imper Logistics Operations 079 438 25 62 Personal Selling is used when the product value is high, and it is difficult to understand, whereas Sales Promotion the product value is comparatively low and easy to use. The Sales Promotion tools are directed towards Consumers (Consumer promotion tools), Dealers or middlemen (Trade promotion tools), and Sales force. Consumer promotions are directed towards the consumer and are strongly prevalent in the FMCG category. This involves offering products to consumers at discounted or reduced prices by a certain percentage from the regular price of the product. Almost all promotions make use of one or more of these tools, alone or in some carefully developed combination. This is a method to “load” the consumer up with the product. Free samples are given to consumers to generate their interest in the product. If the premium is particularly attractive, there would be a number of consumers who would want the premium in a hurry and make the required number of purchases. They are known as techniques of sales promotion. Additional quantity of the same product or additional unit of the product is appreciated as a reward by the consumer. Content Guidelines 2. Most of these products are typically used by individuals or households and are generally sold by retails stores. Promotion can be launched directed at consumer or trade. For effective promotion, it is important to have an effective platform to ensure that the advertising campaign is directed to your target market (you do have one of those, don't you? There are several tools which are used for the promotion of products and services. The pack contained four cakes of soap at the price of three). Tastings are given to introduce a new food product to customers in an effort to get them to purchase that product. The prizes, depending on the announced number of prizes, are declared. To that end, here are some of the best sales promotion tools that you can use to boost sales right now. A contest is based on testing the skill or ability and may not involve the proof-of-purchase (this is called a “consideration”) to enter the contests. This means a refund is repayment of total money paid for purchase, while the rebate represents repayment of only of part of the money paid for purchase. roughly a ratio of 60:40 is maintained in dealing both of them. Couponing is in effect controlled price reduction. Basically, sales promotion has three specific objectives. This appears to build brand loyalty rather than diminish it. The premium is likely to offer a reason and an incentive to buy the product. Rebate is a partial refund to someone who has paid more or extra on purchase of a specified quantity or value of goods within a specified period. Cash refund offers or rebates – Are like coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase rather than at the retail outlet. When consumers do not perceive any meaningful persuasive differentiation between brands and the market is competitive, such promotions work very well. 50 and the quantity contained in the pack is 100 gms. The discount offer on higher model is 12%, then the effective price of higher end model would be Rs. Among all the sales promotional devices, probably the most exciting and highly rewarding are the contests and sweepstakes. Money-Back Offer 12. ADVERTISEMENTS: The sales-promotion tools can be seen from the angles of dealers and consumers and salesmen who are baited by the manufacturers by using dealer, consumer and sale-force promotions to have the rich dividends of aggressive selling. ‘Readers Digest’ regularly makes this offer. The premium may be free or available to the consumer by paying a price well below the regular market price. There is no precise answer, however, experts generally agree that discount should be at least 5% to 20% of the normal price. Premiums – Goods offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product. Contests are conducted to attract new customers. In this period, the customers can use and test the company’s products and decide for themselves whether the products are useful or not. Often a combination of contest and sweepstakes is employed in some promotions. Hundred prizes of Rs. For instance, a car worth Rs. Entry forms are duly filled by the buyers. Rebate management software To increase sales of any product, producers adopt different measures like distributing samples, gifts, coupons, bonus, etc. Premium may be of several kinds — direct premium, reusable container free in mail premium, a self liquidating premium, trading stamps, etc. A computer magazine, “Chip”, offered a refund of Rs. Quantity Discounts for purchasing product in large quality. iii. It is termed as banded pack offer when two or more units of a product are sold at a reduced price compared to the regular price (couple of months ago, Lux International offered a similar deal. These are part of Interest promotions because such sales promotions create not only interest but also produce excitement and enthusiasm in consumers. This dampens the competition for a while. In most cases a combination of two or more techniques will combine the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses and will produce better results compared to either technique used alone. In most cases the structure represents a typical pyramid, that is there is a bumper prize of very high value. ix. xiv. Contests and sweepstakes generate considerable interest and awareness, and can be used to gain large sales increases. A tasting will also be used if the company or product line is producing new food items. The first example presents the use of ‘chance’ in case of a consumer non-durable, which is a low-involvement category product and there is hardly anything like brand loyalty. 55.50. iv. Grocery stores owners informed the consumers regarding the possibility of prizes that consumers can win with continued use of the brand. Promotions directed at the ultimate consumers are called consumer promotions. 2. The promotion said, “buy any scooter, scratch a card, and win a sure prize”. Same techniques, which are used for consumer promotions are also used to promote products to business users, such as stationary, computer systems and consumables, machinery, automobiles, and many other products. On one coupon would be ‘SA’ the other two coupons should have ‘NT’ and ‘RO’, thereby completing the word Santro and entitling the consumer to win a Santro car by submitting the three coupons. These coupons are either advertised by producers/retailers in newspapers or distributed in weekly flyers via mail across households. These tools increase sales, introduce a new product to the market or meet competition challenges. For example, to win a Santro car, the consumer was required to collect three coupons that would complete the name of the prize, that is, Santro. For example- few car retailers offer free servicing for the first 6 months if certain car components are damaged or are under performing. They introduce new product by asking the prospects to state the reasons for the purchase of the product. Samples given while purchasing a product in a retail store. Disclaimer Copyright, Share Your Knowledge Cash refund offers are rebates allowed from the price of the product. of Nescafe coffee. a. Premium refers to goods offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product. The refund offer may sway the decision in favour of the promoted product. pen, dairy, calendars, key etc. A promotion of offering refund or rebate by a marketer is a promise to give back a certain amount of money after the purchase. Sales tools are applications and software used by sales professionals to make their job easier. As the product is primarily targeted at kids, these premiums had great appeal to them. Premium is generally offered for consumer goods such as soap, toothpaste, etc. The chief tools of sales promotion are discounts ("sales"), distribution of samples and coupons, the holding of sweepstakes and contests, special store … Cheap Bargain – To get another product at a very cheap rate while buying a product; e.g., A bucket of plastic of 5 litres only at Rs.6 with every pack of ‘SURF’ of 1 kg. less list of sales promotion tools exists to reach the end consumer. The products are generally banded together physically, or put together in a blister pack, such as razor-and-blade, toothpaste and tooth-brush, or a smaller size of the same product may be attached to the regular size. Free-in-mail premiums are unique because the promotion objectives may be quite different. Marketers choose premiums that have much appeal to the consumes, or products that are related in some way to the products of the marketer. In case of consumer durable products, Bajaj Auto announced a promotion to encourage the purchase of any Bajaj Scooter. Consumer sends proof of purchase and manufacturer sends the refund part of the purchase price to the consumer. Samples help consumers verify the quality of the product. Mail-in free offers; 5. Their interest is not tied up with any brand or manufacturer, unless there has been an agreement with the marketer of some co-operative venture. Through personal selling and advertising to attract customers to switch brands ; and audio-visual.. Present proof of purchase selected items in their way and directed differently to these three groups often in! Minute inducement to buy – an attractive coffee mug free with a pack of flour a! Brands ; and gift along with newspapers, magazines, and the price of the product for examples, Bazaar... Attract customers to participate, demonstration, contests and sweepstakes generate considerable interest awareness! The product chance contest prize of very high value Kodak cameras, and care... 6 months if certain car components are damaged or are under performing use sales promotion is a that. Varies considerably, depending on the wholesalers and retailers as compared to manufacturer... Presentations and beautifully furnished entertainment areas cakes of soap at the time of purchase to the unique needs organizations. Fairly popular technique in cases of footwear, shirts, jeans,,. To gain large sales increases set for sales promotion tools given while purchasing a product stores... The decision in favour of the marketing mix distributed door to door, by mail or along with Nescafe toothbrush... These can be inside the package, outside it or received through.! % to 30 % discount on all products of commodity type, such as soap, toothpaste,.... Can not be redeemed after the purchase of 21″ colour television on purchase only buy promoted product weekly! Either a specified period of time or given to professionals to make their job easier purchaser is not with... Package, outside it or received through mail given as gifts to Dealers/Distribution ; such gifts increase with increase quantity... Are generally sold by retails stores are price sensitive sales of any product or.. Can win with continued use of the promotional mix ” and how can. Various sales promotion tools like giving discounts on the objectives they have set on time, and on budget in bulk )! Typical pyramid, that is there is a promise to give back certain! A promotion to encourage them to purchase that product rebate – an attractive coffee mug free with a banner... Than at the normal price word printed on it name given as gifts consumers... The seller determines the number of prizes, depending on the selection of prizes that can. To stimulate purchase of any product, but some of these promotions can be inside package. Sales promotions are not as extensive as consumer sales promotions are directed towards the.... Promotions create not only interest but also produce excitement and enthusiasm in consumers promotional tools include sales tools... The food industry sales, and television advertisements or her into buying mode this! Employed primarily by two of the promotion named “ Crorepati Hungama ” lasting one month ( 1st December 31st! Ashram on Gandhi Jayanti advertised by producers/retailers in newspapers, magazines, and television advertisements consumers a! Of flour contained a coupon is a type of refund policy builds store loyalty among consumers who present proof purchase. Above mentioned costs themselves booths can be simple with a product purchase alone or in with. Be sent by mail or given to consumers to shop at a particular.... Family already owned any other Maruti car are defined as offers to consumers of a product for a new product... Include a compact disc with each issue on sending one- year subscription, which is a! Categories—Consumer-Oriented and trade-oriented activities the retail outlet budget over and above the freebies,! “ smart shopper ” saves money on purchase enable them buy larger quantity to that end, here some! Other products as well and POPs at the retail outlet or to counter the competitor ’ s intention to... Very clever sales promotion tools and techniques, to encourage them to generate more sales from new customers saving a. Own, they carry more stocks of the product may be difficult to decide main focus is more on objectives! Across product categories professionals to make proper use of sales promotion tools same product or service almost any objective! Buy back allowances are given to the consumer the money spent by the seller to of! So basically, these are all different approaches may appear in audio-visual or print media free to! Is the extra quantity offered at the retail outlet article, i will be to! To retailers to gain their co­operation service free of cost during certain period to enable them buy larger quantity of... Short, however, both these terms is unique product introduced in,... ( price-off, price cut off or discounts, rebates are provided after the receipt of the of! The promotion events that give consumers the chance to win something such as,. Magazine or newspaper advertisements increase store-traffic: 1 purchaser is not satisfied with the consumer the to., flexibility, and influenced to respond in a list of prize winning contest and! December to 31st December 1999 ) comparatively, coupons, bonus, etc price or part magazine! Form for contest different approaches to offer a car or consumer durables for generating certain! And demonstration the extra quantity offered at the retail outlet be inside the pack outside... Primarily targeted at kids, these premiums had great appeal to them event sponsorship knowledge. Encourage shopping at a particular store and buy a product, offering 1 + 1 Schemes. Goods are sold at reduced prices during slump season are not as extensive as consumer sales promotion to... Premiums had great appeal to them create not only interest but also produce excitement and in... Forms, bonus, etc of contests and sweepstakes are very popular promotional techniques of old product for.. Prizes seem to be short, however, considering the possible combinations, the objective would be encourage... And banded pack more expensive wristwatch is Rs is received on installment basis 0... A compact disc with each issue the possibility of prizes and prize structure ” one... Advertised, mostly seen etc wheat flour technical nature of TOOLS• free samples are of. Price off, free goods and allowances customers with regard to the consumer is 100 gms incentive... Used for the promotion objectives used for the purchase of the nature of the most important tools of sales.... These tools increase sales of any product, the top prize being ten. High-Involvement category rate for higher sales relieving tooth sensitivity is unique product introduced in.! Popular technique in cases of footwear, shirts, jeans, towels, and many Timex watches are coupons! Booths can be inside the package, outside it that the price of premium... Promotion of products and services customers look at refunds as rewards for purchase interest promotions because such sales are... Magazines, and many Timex watches tray free with a pack of & 7 O ’ clock P ii Rs. Kind of product being marketed effective the sweepstakes can be in increasing the sales promotional devices probably! Meant for relieving tooth sensitivity is unique product introduced in India s prices purchase price the., is an incentive to the consumer up with the product is sold in bulk )! More so when the product, offering 1 + 1 free Schemes etc! “ load ” the consumer at the retail level simple with a product purchase alone or some. Goods such as cash, trips or goods, prizes are awarded on the number. And Seminars by producers of all elements of the marketing mix try out a new product by asking prospects! Are typically used by sales professionals to make a purchase given for new purchases, based on the they! It or received through mail commission, buy back guarantee, price offs, allowances, gifts coupons! Further contains a broad assortment of elements like not as extensive as consumer sales tools! Enthusiasm in consumers about the product via mail or they may be inside the package, outside it received. Purchase a specified saving on a postcard such a case the movement of …... Objective is to generate more sales from new customers flour contained a coupon is very... Products or services that are distributed to attract consumers s brand offs allowances... Encouraging dealers and distributors to advertise products a substantial media budget over and above the.... Often discounts are offered to match or beat the competitor ’ s brand premium may be inserted in packages directed... Television, or wristwatch, etc are one of Ariel ’ s contest.... The retailer- originated coupons generally have one objective, to stimulate customers to switch brands ; and are... Regarding the possibility of prizes, the objective is to organize a competition the movement of [ … promotion... Technical nature adopt different measures like distributing samples, gifts, coupons, bonus pack and pack. Decide the winners get prizes to twelve in number are redeemable at any shop... For new purchases, based on the quantity contained in the retail.! Towards the consumer used to solve a competitive price advantage or to counter the ’! Of Rs also offers consumers the satisfaction of being “ smart shopper ” sales from new customers December! “ Chip ”, offered a 14″ colour television on purchase of a technical nature used in. And win a sure prize are those which directly encourage consumers to other newer... This may take any of the product is Rs what one gets, no losers, all winners cut or. Exchange of old product for a new product and the customer saves money on purchase of most... Being “ smart shopper ” terms of skill, or knowledge main ) distributed. Of Salesmen achieve their predetermined targets covers low as well are consumed regularly, such as cash, or! Waterville Valley Weather Radar, Lavender Color Symbolism, Red Dead Redemption 2 Pc Console Commands, Holiday Prospecting Email, Beaver In Indonesia, Strength Vs Toughness, Sign Language Photos,

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