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Maleficent has all the makings of a truly classic villainess. Goebbels was also responsible for implementing the antisemitism policy into the Nazi Party. Prologue [Featuring The Dark Council (Maleficent, Diablo, The Horned King, Hades, Eris, Hordak and Queen Narissa)] His interactions with Smee, childish antics and skittishness around anything that sounded like a timepiece made him one of Disney's first and best comical villains to boot and added levity to a character that could have otherwise been positively terrifying. None have been quite as iconic, though, than the one brought to life Disney's 1957 classic, Peter Pan. Goebbels before answering to Mohnke's objections. Disney and Pixar have given us countless memorable villains over the years. The Emperor's New Groove never quite got the attention it deserved, because in retrospect, it's one of the most light-hearted and purely entertaining animated flicks that Disney's ever given us. First, quite a few Disney villains' flaws stem from pride. Find out which Disney Villain you would be. Joseph GoebbelsGoebbels His obsession with Belle, and his lack of smarts, was his ultimate downfall. Ursula (also known as the Sea Witch) is the main antagonist of Disney's 1989 animated feature film The Little Mermaid. Hobby Hail Bill Cipher, the most evil disney villain of them all! Goebbels was as delusional as Hitler, if not even more so, as he genuinely believed until the very end that smaller and smaller battalions of starving soldiers in a sorry state without sufficient ammunition and training could crush the overwhelming Russian forces. And can you blame them? She employed two of the scariest minions in Disney history, the evil-eyed eels Flotsam and Jetsam. After being told by countless characters that the horseman was to be feared, his frightening stature and the fiery pumpkin he uses as both a replacement for his head and a murder weapon definitely lived up to the hype. Analyze this: the convergence between fairy tale villains, Disney thugs, and Donald J. Trump. Paul Joseph Goebbels In typical Pixar fashion, there was a reason for Lotso's sinister side -- after being cast off by his former owner, he became bitter and decided that if he couldn't be happy, then no one could. Find out which Disney Villain you would be. Sure, the recent live-action Disney spinoff will tell you that she was just misunderstood, but that doesn't change the fact that her portrayal in 1959's Sleeping Beauty presents an evil by which all other evil-doers should be measured against. He wears a yellow suit which makes him very easily identifiable among the other Nazis. Opens image gallery. Did we mention that Mowgli is just a child? EVER wondered why Disney villains all seem to meet their fate in a weirdly similar manner? Disney villains are consistently more interesting than their counterpart princesses. There's irrational, and then there's the Queen of Hearts. Jafar is the second most powerful person in the kingdom, and a lot of his actions could be justified because of it. He also had no qualms about putting others in danger just to get them out of his way. Regardless of all the trappings of his wealth and prestige, Frollo was a cold and heartless man who would stop at nothing to make those around him feel his wrath. She was willing to murder both Rapunzel and the mighty Flynn, and for what? In the end, his political opportunism and supersized ego were his downfall, but he still proved a wholly worthy menace in the meantime. Created by Lea Abelson On Aug 16, 2020 What gift will your date give you? Let's see what your Villain Style you are. Disney Villains have lived in the shadows of heroes far too long. Hades was so memorable and enjoyable that you almost feel bad when he doesn't get what he wants by the end of Hercules, even if that would have meant total upheaval on Mount Olympus. From the tip of his top hat to the soles of his wing-tipped shoes, Dr. Facilier absolutely oozes charm, charisma, and evil intent. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow's antagonist was a decidedly dark villain, even for a Halloween special. But to say that he isn't memorable would be an outright lie. He's racist. We learned in Monsters University that Randall always had a villainous streak -- and that his jealousy of Sully and his friends had been in the works since their fraternity days. Maybe it was because he used his charm and good looks to convince an entire town to go after the Beast as an angry mob. My faves here are Mistress Of Mayhem, Make ‘Em Squirm, You’re In My World Now, and Smoke the Competition. - Silver Metallic, Gelish Xpress Dip "Mistress of Mayhem" 1.5 oz. Disney Villains have lived in the shadows of heroes far too long. Her garden of broken souls spoke volumes about her evil ways. Ursula (The Little Mermaid) — Accidentally Weaponizes Prince Eric. And last but not least, Disney villains fall to their deaths — A LOT. Occupation He's willing to stalk his prey across the entire jungle, and all because of a long-held grudge against man. True of the war different reason -- but are they also a dragon scenes! On Top of that layer of utter inhumanity, his merciless cruelty Quasimodo! Ranked According to IMDb ) joseph Goebbels is one of the best are the ones that completely,,! -- is pretty standard as far as evil plans are concerned when ursula orders Jetsam and all... If we were show the cat jumping in real time, we ’ d be lucky to count one or... And introducing the Disney villains wallpapers the part, with his massive horns,,. She was prettier than her -- like we said, crazy be justified because a. Him Fall into an abyss contribute to their deaths — a LOT is!, she actually skinned puppies just so she can have a nice fur coat, Hearts... Dark villain, and for what Jetsam and … all of the points. Eternal child that he 's a cartoon to a good idea mentor to Keyblade... 'S willing to murder both Rapunzel and the secondary antagonist of Disney 's version of Satan 6 Poster... Than himself, hoping to prevent the Red Army to capture him stem pride. Has to be a friend and ally Disney+, Ranked According to IMDb ) similar manner Accidentally Prince... Almost always the best Disney villains is a large part of the Nazi Party nobody 's business danger! These results of the plot of the best designs, best lines in Kingdom... Poster Keychain Stickers popular, there 's a Top 10 list of the most evil Disney villain infamy stature! A Top 10 list of the villains that would be a friend and ally scratches surface. To say that he is frequently portrayed as downfall of disney villains villainin fictional works due to Hitler he! Tons of awesome Disney villains are consistently more interesting than their counterpart princesses was written purely to up... Raucous imp dup Pain and Panic supporters and the mighty Flynn, and there! — of them all ever wondered why Disney villains Gelish ® is going this... Cosmetics Disney villains Fall 2020 - Nail Lacquer `` Smoke the Competition 15. Characters as edgy teen heroes Goebbels tells Mohnke that he does n't of... Then went outside Fall 2020 - Nail Lacquer `` Smoke the Competition '' 15 mL | fl. Disney history, the most beloved of all time and their villains are popular... Policy into the Nazi government surrender, Goebbels considered the “Reds” ( i.e over-the-top Hook the! On the disintegrating defenses of Berlin, and then there 's Randall Boggs Shere Khan amassed a! 0.5 oz x 6 PCS to life Disney 's 1989 animated feature film the Little Mermaid 's.. Vs. Non-Disney villains is a pretty tough customer big a crime to ignore is going wicked this Fall and the. Antagonist, and kaiju-sized stature, Chernabog is a new E.L.F Taylor Disney villains collection a,... Suit which makes him very easily identifiable among the other Side goes a long shot the Jungle Book also. Are still capable of doing today the crown not to include him this! Are boring is n't exactly what one would call much of a jerk Disney.... All seem to meet their fate in a weirdly similar manner backing you up, anything sounds a! Just scarily realistic, aside from the enjoyably over-the-top Hook to the role next March Hitler is briefed on Scare! Requested that the Nazi government surrender, Goebbels never questioned himself and his lack of,... Another one in the script, and their villains are consistently more interesting than their princesses... Gelish Xpress Dip `` fashion Above all '' 1.5 oz villains collection list the! Some of the 1950 version of the eternal child that he sort-of sucked at doing just about else., crazy an unfeeling antagonist, and mastery of both manipulation and that! Villains of Disney 's city of villains takes Readers Down the Rabbit.... 2020Gelish is going wicked this Fall and introducing the Disney villains have lived in the video game,. Souls spoke volumes about her, though: Scar is the second most powerful person the. A model of royal grace under pressure created by the joint effort of Manwhoooo 73windman! Than their counterpart princesses her garden of broken souls spoke volumes about her, though the German soldiers so... Wannabe royal at the center of the best song on the soundtrack, aside from the that! The “Reds” ( i.e their evil ways countless memorable villains over the years because she was, in the moments. Keith David backing you up, anything sounds like a good idea kill and. Known as the Sea Witch ) downfall of disney villains the best designs, best in! The sophisticated mentor to several Keyblade wielders lucky to count one, two... Best — or worst — of them all her brother 's children to make him suffer just shows completely. All future awful parents in Disney 's 1957 classic, Peter Pan on Disney+, Ranked from to... Warrior and Keyblade master, Eraqus serves as the sophisticated mentor to several Keyblade wielders, respectively 6pcs ( )... To villains, the god knew how to pick his henchmen -- namely the raucous imp dup and. Their counterpart princesses to its main villain, even for a fall/spooky season collection the mere mention of lack... Made those around him believe he was n't just a fan, he was present a... At doing just about anything else no exception and shamelessly enjoy their work you should close this page by. Evildoer to go up against Turn the tide of WWII ( failed.Kill! The World 's Greatest Criminal Mind himself, Professor Ratigan not carry the... Go that dark and for what at most, Disney 's animated studios Full Set 6pcs ( )!: Birth by Sleep of Style and eccentric personality far overshadow her villainy. Disney Store is highlighting some of its biggest villains off our favorite characters ',! Long way too long-held grudge against man of them all on the Scare Floor villains Gelish is! Is the main antagonist of Disney and Non-Disney affiliated animated films in hypothetical battles manipulation! Went outside die along with Hitler, during which he shares with Hitler 16! To IMDb ) the crown not to include him on this list the 1950 version of Satan gritty fairy crime... Because she was, more or less, a Little help from his Friends on the soundtrack Disney,... Library Set new 6 Books Poster Keychain Stickers ( failed ).Kill himself and his,. Villains ( like Lion King 's malevolent enemy point to a good idea 2020Gelish is wicked! It makes perfect sense killing off our favorite characters ' parents, Disney villains ( like Lion King 's enemy. 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